May meeting – Tai Chi – Martin Gatter

Martin Gatter is a senior, international Tai Chi and Kung Fu instructor who would normally be running a range of classes in various locations including Horn Park Club in Eltham Road.  He is also a practitioner at the Complementary Health Centre in Manor Lane.
On Thursday 21st May, Martin gave us an introduction via Zoom to Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art, practised for its defence training, its health benefits and for meditation.
He covered:
neigong – feeling and controlling the body and understanding how that affects the mind;
qigong – energy circulation; and
tai chi – the beginner’s form (4 basic moves).
He also talked about the dynamic relationship between Yin (soft, restive, receptive) and Yang (strong, ambitious, dominant).
Martin spoke to us in a calm and soothing way as he taught us the moves and explained their significance.  He encouraged us to move in a gentle, floating way and the whole session was extremely relaxing.
We loved the story of one famous Tai Chi master who had acquired such a high degree of resilience in his body, that a small bird, resting in his palm, was unable to take off because of the complete lack of resistance in his hand.
By a stroke of luck, Martin has beginner Tai Chi classes starting this week.  They will be on Sunday mornings 9am to 10am. Sunday 24th and 31st May are free trial sessions. It’s £25 per person per month thereafter. If anyone is interested, could they send their email address to Martin at or text him on 07795 103336 and he will forward a Zoom invitation.