April meeting – Spring Clean your mind and Body -Paula Sharp (Nutritional Therapist) and Fawz Farhan (Registered Pharmacist)

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this meeting, but like all WI meetings you must approach meetings with an open mind and a willingness to learn something new.
Within the time frame, both Paula and Fawz managed to relax us, clear our minds, and encouraged us to concentrate on ourselves, our breathing, and to accentuate the positives that life throws at us, and also gave us tips on how to make our bodies feel more vibrant and less challenged by the modern world we live in.
Certainly their talk left most of the group wanting to learn more, and their Masterclasses do give greater detail and information for people wishing to explore their techniques more fully.
For me Paula’s tip that I felt I would give a go when my weary body feels somewhat knackered, and my joints are aching is to fill a bath and have a good soak with the addition of Epsom Salts. I do somewhere in the recesses of my mind recall my Grandmother praising their benefits. It is the magnesium in Epsom salt that acts as a muscle relaxer and the sulfates also help to flush out harmful toxins.
The other point that really resonated with me was Fawz’s comment about how to handle the time when you feel flat after a holiday or a special occasion. Rather than feeling sad or depressed after you have had a good time and its all over, far better to look back, and just think how good it was that you had that positive and happy experience in the first place.
Great advice that I will take with me going forward. Thank you Paula and Fawz