Virtual Sign Language and Laughter Workshop on 1st April 2021

Paul Hills, an experienced event facilitator and coach, introduced us to his virtual sign language for Zoom Meetings, designed to help more effective participation.  He was inspired by his voluntary work as a lifeguard on Falmouth beaches where effective signalling was crucial.  We learnt how to signal that we wanted to speak, agreed and disagreed, felt sympathy for or shared the same feelings or experiences as the person talking.  We then participated in a laughter workshop where we took control of and passed on an imaginary ball and danced to YMCA (changed to Lee Green WI).  Paul’s workshop proved that it is possible to communicate well and to have a laugh on Zoom.

We hope to be able to use the signs learnt in future meetings and Paul is producing a short video based on this event which we hope to share with other WIs.

For more information on Virtual Sign Language see Paul’s website at: