November meeting – The Sacred Art of Geometry – Amber Khokhar

Last Thursday 37 of us joined in for our zoom meeting with artist Amber Khokhar. Amber is a return speaker for us and it was good to see her again albeit remotely from her studio in Deptford. Amber spoke of the way geometry was used by ancient thinkers as a way of describing and understanding the universe and the mysteries of life. The symbolism of the shapes created – the circle as the mother of all shapes, the vertical axis being between heaven and earth and the horizontal axis representing the horizon. It was also interesting to see the way women were very important in the symbolism (The circle being a representation of the sacred feminine, fertility and birth). All this information plus fascinating and beautiful visuals from art and nature (like this one showing the orbit of venus) to illustrate the talk.

We hope very much that Amber will re visit us to speak again at a live meeting when it is permitted. for more info about Amber.