November Meeting – Osteoporosis – Dr Louise Dolan

At our November meeting we had a talk given to us on Osteoporosis and broken bones.  A talk that explained what it is and explaining whether we may be at risk?
This was a hugely helpful presentation presented by Dr Louise Dolan, who is a consultant rheumatologist at Queen Elizabeth , Lewisham and Blackheath hospitals.
In addition Dr Dolan has a special interest in osteoporosis and arthritis. Also as trustee of the Royal osteoporosis Society she was able to tell us about the role the Society has in preventing, diagnosing and treating osteoporosis in the UK.
The talk was full of facts and sometimes rather alarming figures. Such as 1 out of 2 women over 50 will have a bone fracture. Plus once you have one fracture, a second one is highly likely. This leads to great personal cost, and costs to the NHS. So preventing this and recognising you may be at risk of fractures as a result of osteoporosis is very important.
Dr Dolan explained in her talk how to recognise symptoms of fragile bones, and outlined measures to take preventative measures, such as high impact exercise and taking Vitamin D.
The work of the Royal Osteoporosis Society is hugely positive in helping the NHS raise awareness of the illness through education and raising funds for research into a cure. It also encourages people to live their lives in a way that can promote better bone health.
The talk stimulated a lot of discussion amongst our members and Dr Dolan’s presentation was really well received.