Make a cake for Lewisham Free Cakes for Kids

Free cakes for children is an organisation of local volunteers that organises cakes for those children and families who might not be able to afford celebration cakes for themselves.

How it works is that organiser Emma creates doodle polls with the dates and details of the cakes needed and people sign up to the cakes they can provide (although you can email her at address below if doodle polls are not your thing). It’s then up to you to design, bake and deliver the cake on that particular date. (she will remind you)

In Lewisham they currently provide cakes for the refugee school AFRIL who have just restarted face to face sessions and the foodbank in Lewisham but are looking for other referrals.

Email Emma Wee, Coordinator, Lewisham & CP Free Cakes For Kids if you are interested in helping.