BBC Looking for some OVER 70s for Virtual exercise class

Dear All,


I really hope you can help me out in this difficult time. My name is Julie Ann and currently I am making some of the programme that the BBC is hoping to air over the coming weeks for a show called “Health Check UK Live”. This will include all the latest health advice around the coronavirus/Covid-19, a phone in for people to ask questions, general health advice and how to cope in isolation.


As part of this we are hoping to do a piece on simple morning exercises and are looking for some over 70s to take part remotely.


We are looking for over 70s who can join us over a computer (or tablet or smart phone) for a session. We will the record some of these sessions and use them in a later programme. We are looking for people who are comfortable using technology to communicate with us – we can record everything from our end, we just need people to be able to connect to us.


With so many centres and groups closed, I am trying to spread the word far and wide. Might it be possible for you to share this with your members and networks or even place the attached image on facebook or Twitter.


We really are keen to have people take part in this as we want to help those in isolation as much as possible through this difficult time.


If you are able to share this, I would be incredibly grateful.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Warmest regards, stay safe and keep washing those hands!


Take care,

Julie Ann


Dr Julie Ann Lough

Assistant Producer

Health Check UK: Live


Phone: +44 303 08 25459 (external) 0825459 (Internal)


1st Floor, Dock House



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