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August meeting – Stem Cell research – link to recording of meeting

Here is link to an audio recording of our August meeting  on zoom about stem cell donation, one of the campaign resolutions the WI are supporting this year. It was a very personal and moving talk with two speakers – the feedback following their speaker session was excellent – informative, engaging and heartfelt.
Mary talks about the impact of her husband getting a diagnosis that requires a stem cell transplant and then the dismay of discovering there is no match on the international register. Mary is now on a mission to promote donation and has signed up to run a half marathon for DKMS. Deutsche KnochenMarkSpenderdatei or German Bone Marrow Donor File which is an international nonprofit bone marrow donor centre based in Tübingen, Germany. Mel talks about signing up and then being contacted as she was a match. Mel donated earlier this year and a couple of weeks ago made a top up lymphocyte donation.
Here is a link which will take you to the stem cell talk audio mp3 file.
Please note that the link that disappears after a week, if you download the recording it is yours to keep. We can resupply if necessary,  just let us know.